Paul Barbu lives and works in London. With an interest towards architectural solutions, he builds narratives in which the tension between form, proportion, light and structure dominates, following a functional aesthetic of space.

He studied architecture at Ion Mincu (Bucharest), sculpture at UNArte (Bucharest) and visual arts (MFA) at Kingston University in London.

"My practice is interdisciplinary. I am fascinated by the materiality and methods behind each aspect of the creation and that is why the process is the most important element of my work. Even if I have a solid background in architecture, I oppose the whole idea of conception-execution. I feel much closer to the way Robert Rauschenberg described his method, as a symbiosis between the artist, the materials and the trance. The sense of improvisation is very important to me - the moment I feel that all pieces have fallen into place, I stop and acknowledge if the work is fully formed. This intuition prevents me from going back and changing theworks once completed. I try to stay closer to the original thinking processes, as they existed before the idea was fully formed.”

Exhibitions (a selection): One Grain @ Artworks Gallery, 2019, Cambridge (UK); Which work from whom @Stanley Picker Gallery, 2019, London (UK); Absolutely elsewhere; absolutely right here @ Kingston University, 2019, London (UK); How to grow up in 15 minutes @ ICR London, 2019 (UK); Meanwhile @ Kingston University, 2019, London (UK); How can a duck be a publication @ Kingston University, 2018, London (UK).



Paul Barbu
Untitled | 2020